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1> In what year did Elvis’ parents get married?

2> In what city did the movie “Love Me Tender” premiere?

3> How many times did Elvis appear on “Stage Show”?

4> How many times did Elvis appear on the Ed Sullivan show?

5> What disc jockey is credited with being the first to play an Elvis record on the radio?

6> How old was Elvis’ mother when she died?

7> Who originally recorded the song “Blue Moon of Kentucky”?

8> What was Elvis' favourite sandwich?

9> What was the cause of Elvis’ death as listed on his autopsy report?

10> What color was the hearse that carried Eivis’ body?




  1. 1933
  2. New York
  3. Six
  4. Three
  5. Dewey Phillips
  6. 42
  7. Bill Monroe
  8. Fried peanut butter and banana
  9. Cardiac arrhythmia
  10. White


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