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1> Elvis was in the middle of filming which movie, when he got a draft notice from "Uncle Sam"?

2> How many "Number One" British singles did Elvis have at the time of his death?

3> How many Elvis' movies were filmed in black and white?

4> The movie “Girls Girls Girls” was set where?

5> Where was the song “Moody Blue” recorded?

6> In what year was the song “Moody Blue” recorded?

7> How old was Priscilla when she first met Elvis?

8> What character did Elvis play in the movie “Love Me Tender”?

9> In what year was the movie “Love Me Tender” released?

10> What sport did Elvis pick up while in the Army?




  1. King Creole
  2. 17
  3. 3
  4. Hawaii
  5. Graceland
  6. 1976
  7. 14
  8. Clint Reno
  9. 1956
  10. Karate


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