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1> In what year did Elvis’ mother die?

2> What character did Elvis play in the movie “Girls! Girls! Girls!”?

3> Where was Elvis' ranch, called the "Circle G", located?

4> What was Elvis’ name on his birth certificate?

5> Where did Elvis' movie "Jailhouse Rock" premiere?

6> What Elvis hit single is based on an 1861 classical piece entitled "Aura Lee"?

7> Ernest Tubb originally recorded what Elvis hit in 1950?

8> What did Elvis receive from Richard Nixon?

9> What was the name of Elvis' twin brother who died at birth?

10> What was Elvis' shoe size?



  1. 1958
  2. Ross Carpenter
  3. Wall, MI
  4. Elvis Aron Presley
  5. Memphis
  6. Love me Tender
  7. Blue Christmas
  8. Special Agent Badge
  9. Jesse
  10. 11 D


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