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1> Elvis played the part of a boxer in what movie?

2> What movie co-starred Authur O’Connell, Joanna Cook Moore and Simon Oakland?

3> In what movie did Elvis play the role of a doctor?

4> What actress portrayed Elvis’ girlfriend in the movie G.I Blues?

5> In what year was the movie King Creole released?

6> Shelly Fabares played the character of Valerie in what movie?

7> What movie co-starred Cesare Danova and William Demarest?

8> In what year was the movie “Clambake” released?

9> Elvis plays the part of a truck driver in what movie?

10> In what movie does Elvis play a young buck who accidentally kills a man while protecting the honour of a woman?




  1. Kid Galahad
  2. Follow That Dream
  3. Change Of Habit
  4. Julie Prowse
  5. 1958
  6. Girl Happy
  7. Viva las vegas
  8. 1967
  9. Loving You
  10. Jailhouse Rock

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