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1> In which Elvis movie did Kurt Russell make his movie debut?

2> Actress Ina Balin played Elvis' love interest in what movie?

3> What was Elvis’ thirteenth movie?

4> What was Elvis’ profession in the movie “Kid Galahad”?

5> What country is the setting for the film “G.I. Blues”?

6> What was the name of the character that Elvis played in the movie “Spinout”?

7> Who played the part of Elvis’ mother in the movie Blue Hawaii?

8> In the movie “Girls, Girls, Girls”, Westwind is the name of?

9> In what movie did Elvis play the part of a Navy Frogman?

10> In what movie did Elvis play the part of a rodeo champion?




  1. It Happened at the World’s Fair
  2. Charro
  3. Fun in Acapulco
  4. Prize Fighter
  5. Germany
  6. Mike McCoy
  7. Angela Lansbury
  8. A Boat
  9. Easy Come, Easy Go
  10. Tickle Me


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