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1> Which movie did Elvis refuse to watch after leading lady Judy Tyler was tragically killed in an automobile crash.

2> Elvis' last movie was?

3> In which movie did Elvis play a dual role?

4> Elvis did “The Clam“ in what movie?

5> Elvis sang the song "Return to Sender", in which movie?

6> Elvis' last film before he entered the army was?

7> In "Speedway" the big race took place at which racetrack?

8> Who is the leading lady who gave Elvis his first onscreen kiss?

9> When Frankie shot Johnny, what kept him from being killed?

10> In what movie did Elvis play the character of Danny Fisher?



  1. Jailhouse Rock
  2. Change of Habit
  3. Kissin Cousins
  4. Girl Happy
  5. Girls, Girls, Girls
  6. King Creole
  7. Charlotte 500
  8. Jana Lund
  9. Lucky Cricket
  10. King Creole


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