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1> I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree My friends say I'm actin' _____________?

2> Lord Almighty, feel my temperature rising. Higher, higher, it's burning through to my ________?

3> I don't wanna be a tiger cause tigers play ___________?

4> Baby, if I made you mad for something I might ____________?

5> The warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there and they began to _________?

6> I gave a letter to the postman, he put it his _______?

7> We're caught in a trap I can't walk out because I ________________?

8> All of my resistance is lying on the floor. Taking me to places I‘ve _________?

9> Well a hard headed woman, a soft hearted man been the cause of trouble ever since ______________?

10> Well, you may go to college, you may go to school. You may have a pink Cadillac, but don‘t you be ____________?




  1. Wild as a Bug
  2. Soul
  3. Too Rough
  4. Have Said
  5. Wail
  6. Sack
  7. Love You Too Much Baby
  8. Never Been Before
  9. The World Began
  10. Nobody's Fool


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